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    Apr 14, 2008
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    Now i almost died the first time i heard that you could run video, audio, and roms on a GBA. And i was even more impressed when i got my AceKard2 and saw all the amazing things i could get my DS to do with it.

    For those systems i had sort of had an idea of what could be done and how to do it. Now i know a ton about NDS and GBA hacking but in a few days i'll be getting a Wii.

    I know that theres a lot of things that can be done with a Wii in terms of hacking, emulators, roms and homebrew but i dont know how any of it works! I have no idea what kind of things can be done or how to do them.

    So what can be done with a Wii? Can i get it to run roms? What emulators are available for it? Any cool hombrew apps? How do you get roms and such onto the system (i mean, whats the analogue to a flashcart for the Wii)?

    In addition to replies, any links to this sort of information, as well as basic tutorials, wikis, or anything like that would be appreciated!

    Thanks a ton!
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    I would say, go to as it will have all the information regarding what the wii is capable of.