Need a bit of help with a obscure problem. (Using bluestacks)

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    If there anyone here who use bluestacks that can help me, I would appreciate it. I been using it for a while now... like a year to be more specific. But now I'm having a problem. Basically the bluestacks is a android emulator for pc. Anyway just like android or a emulator, it uses storage on your HDD. The problem I'm having is that it uses too much. 32GB internal storage and 16 GB SD. Basically what I want to do is copy my stuff i have already to a smaller file size emulation storage to free up space on my system.

    Now I been trying to find a way to do it but I just can't. I never actually back up anything on a android before (Besides moving some small files I download on it.) But i want to preserve everything I have currently to a new smaller file size Storage emulator. I dunno why it creates such large files and it never even asked me first.

    So If anyone knows how to do it, please help. I don't have many apps installed on it, is under like 4GB total, so I don't need 48GB extra just wasting space. :(