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    Jake made version 2.2.0 available:

    Some of the changes:
    * PrintString -> PrintStringWrap in answer section.
    * wont crash on empty cards
    * can have text with sound/images(see doc)
    * fixed crashing when .rep does not exist
    * more button changes(I feel like I am making emacs or something)
    * better graphics for touchscreen

    + GUI [conversion tool] to import cardsets from CSV/TXT (even Pauker format is supported) including automatic pronounciation support
    + (hopefully) foolproof documentation with pics

    o clarify:
    NDSRS is a Flash card Learning App using spaced repetition system with multimedia support.

    Useful for learning languages, formulas ... all that stuff that your brain refuses to keep after the first reading.

    Download at: http://digital-haze.net/ndsrs.php

    [​IMG] [​IMG]