NDS can only org. games

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  1. duval

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    Aug 29, 2009
    i´ve a NDS that only see the original games, i have tried with a acekard2I, R4-gold and a DSTT and the NDS can´t see any of them

    I have tried to put a little piece of paper under the contacts with no luck

    Any idea ?
  2. RupeeClock

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    May 15, 2008
    Can you verify what NDS you're using?

    The original NDS, the DS lite, the DSi or the DSi XL?
  3. CannonFoddr

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    Are you using a DSLite,DSPhat,DSi or DSi XL ???

    If you are using a DSi or DSi XL......

    - DSTT cannot be 'seen' by any of these, you really need a DSTTi
    - I don't know about the R4-Gold, but since it doesn't have an 'i' in the title (e.g. 'R4i-Gold')- I'm guesssing it's the same as having a DSTT. It can't be 'seen' by a DSi/DSi XL
    - It's a possibility that you've got v1.4 DS Firmware installed & that your Acekard2i hasn't been 'updated' to work on this new firmware.

    Once the Acekard been updated it should show 'Danny Phantom' as the icon (& not Acekard 2i)

    EDIT: Dam RupeeClock beat me to it
  4. SamusKnight2K

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    If you're using a DSi with v1.4 firmware then that could be the problem. Unless an acekard 2i has been updated it's blocked by the DSi's firmware. If you've got an older DS or DSLite then check the contacts. And unless you worded it wrong, you'd want to place the paper between the label-side of the card and the DS, not against the contacts itself. By the way, when you say it can't see them, is it they don't show up (IE no game appears loaded at the DS menu.) or attempting to start the card fails? Sometimes I've found reading problems with my older flashcarts in my DSLite. I start the system up and it says there's no game. Usually removing and reinserting the cart with the power off then turning it back on fixes my problem. Its most likely to be dirt within the DS that's causing the issues.