1. BeniBel

    OP BeniBel Advanced Member

    May 29, 2013

    I bought a broken Dr V64 (256mb) unit years ago, and only now had the time to fix it. Most games work perfect, but I do have a little problem.

    It is my understanding in order to boot a game, you have to insert a game above with the same 'CIC' as the one you want to boot. I also found that you can bypass this problem, by using a 'boot emulator'. That's where I'm having problems with.

    So I downloaded lac's boot emulator, loaded it in my Dr V64, and powered the N64 on. Now there is a text on my screen, telling me to load a rom, and press start.

    How do I load another rom, without powering off my N64?

    Also, I heard of a bios, which enables you to load games of a hdd. Is it any good?
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