N3ds USA downgrade issues

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    It seems that there are problems with downgrading N3ds US to 9.2 where some files are not installing or not even in the update package. Im not the only one here with this problem after a successful downgrade my system will reboot and it says its 9.2.0-20u but unfortunately gateways launcher will not boot and getting into homebrew channel is very hard. So I updated back to 10.3 and tried again I repeated this process 6 times with 9.1u and 9.0u and still same problems.
    My japan n3ds on the other hand is 100% prefect first time downgraded its been great. Has anyone figured out a fix for this because once 10.4 hits there is no going back I will be stuck on a incomplete firmware.
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    so stay on 10.3 and wait for a leigitmate guide.

    Where's the guy who kept arguing with me that sysupdater was the way to go? Get his ass in here to help these guys out.
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