N3DS FE Fates Edition Top Screen Issue?

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    Mar 12, 2016
    I bought a New 3DS XL Fire Emblem Fates Edition at a retail store yesterday, and when the clerk booted up the console to show me that it was working properly I noticed some flickering on the top screen whenever I moved it. I just assumed that since the 3D slider was all the way up I was experiencing the usual fading in and out of the 3D effect and the Super Stable 3D needed to be configured, so I took it home.

    But when I started the initial configuration, at the step that shows you the new Super Stable 3D feature I noticed that it didn't get better.

    Whenever I tilt my n3DS from left to right I see something that I don't know how to describe... banding? Scan lines? Flickering? I just know that I see some faint vertical lines that move in the same direction I tilt the system, like in some weird parallax effect. It is more noticeable with maximum brightness and with the 3D effect on, but it's still there even when the 3D slider is all the way down. It is specially bothersome near the edges of the screen. It gets even worse when I get closer or farther than 14 inches from the screen because the lines start having a slight green and pink tint.

    I used to have another n3DS and I didn't notice anything wrong with the top screen but I've also read that some systems come with IPS displays, although they seem to be rare.

    Since it seems that not even my professional camera can pick up what I'm trying to explain I just went and made a video in After Effects. This is what it looks like:

    Is this normal? Or is there something wrong with my screen?
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