n00b question - how to backup data before jailbreak?

Discussion in 'iPhone, iPod & iPad' started by nloding, Sep 6, 2010.

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    I see a lot of information floating around that says "Oh, just sync your iPhone with iTunes and it'll back it up." And then it goes on to mention, vaguely, that some saved games aren't backed up. That makes me nervous about two things: 1) My 'Angry Birds' saved games, where I've spent many, many hours getting 3-stars; and 2) my Notes. I don't care about email, and my contact list I can get back. The only apps I've actually purchased are 'Fragger' and 'Angry Birds', which I can get back through the App Store. All I need are the saved games for 'Angry Birds' and my Notes.

    I feel stupid for asking such a simple question, but I've read contradicting reports where some save games are not backed up by iTunes and you must SSH them (which puts me in a conundrum).

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    When you try to restore on iTunes 10 it will ask, do you wish to backup before the restore
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    When I restored, I had made a backup in iTunes before. Most of my game saves were there, like Angry Birds and Plants vs Zombies, but oddly, only one of my games had lost its save files (don't remember which one) But if you really want to back up through SSH, you can go in /private/var/mobile/Applications and copy all the folders. Of course you have to re-jailbreak and install openSSH if you entend on restoring the files.