My SSBB MoveSwap Project

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by webyugioh, Oct 6, 2008.

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    I first heard about moveswapping moves in SSBB here.
    I loved what they were doing, but it seems like they are now too busy with there texture hacking
    (which i support all the way, please look here to see the awesomeness)
    so i decided, after i found out how to do it via ocarina, to try it out and post my progress.
    Here is a brief explanation on some terms I will be using, taken from here:
    I will basically be showing you how the character looks, maybe some of the A (regular) moves, the 4 B moves (specials) [B, Up B, Down B and Side B], and the final smash. + anything else i think looks interesting.

    OK, on with the swaps!

    Swap #1: Marth injected with Link

    Swap #2: Ike injected with Link

    Swap #3: Pikachu injected with Metaknight

    Swap #4: Dedede injected with Donkey Kong

    Swap #5: Pit injected with Link

    Swap #6: Ganondorf injected Capitan Falcon

    Please comment on these and how you guys and gals like them.
    I will post more as I have time to do them,
    and if you guys like them and want more.