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    Why not share eh?
    Basic Info: I've been playing guitar for almost 4 years, writing lyrics for almost 3, writing guitar rifts for almost 2, and writing full length songs for almost 1 (strange how that works)

    So here's a couple that I just put up today, a cover and an original:

    The Death of Love-Cradle of Filth (Cover)

    description: A cover of Cradle of Filth's The Death of Love. The guitars were recorded and played by me. The drums, bass, and other orcastra were from seals' guitar pro of The Death of Love on
    credit of album cover to amescence on evthreads, thank you.

    Stories of the Crucified (Screams of Eliciting the Beast Within)

    description: A song consisting of 3 different string set ups, and an organ along side mulitple sound effects meant to sound like "pain" or "tortures" that are happening to people. The main strings were originally composed on guitar and were thought to be better sounding with an orcastra sound, so Stories of the Crucified was born.
    The orcastra was written by me and the soundeffects I got offline on the sites that let you do that [​IMG] Album cover credit to Amescence on Evthreads, thank you for the wonderful cover ;D
    enjoy the song
    ps. I've heard some people say like it belongs in a horror film or halloween time.

    there are also a couple of guitar covers on my youtube channel

    anyways thanks for looking, interested in some feed back too [​IMG]