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    Yeah so my minecraft server is lacking in the member department, help out a fellow temper and play! Ill just repost my topic from the minecraft forums.

    NEW SERVER 24/7 /w Regular Maintenance days (Wednesday)

    Xeology Server - World Ameril

    Welcome, So you are interested in joining the Xeology Server. You're a step away from having fun in an awesome community! Visit the website listed at the top and bottom to receive the IP address to play! Here are some things you should know . . .


    -TeamSpeak Server ( )
    -Working Nether Server (LINKED)
    -Many Plugins
    -Friendly Community

    User Permissions

    -Non-Registered Members can do what ever they want under the rules outside of protected areas.
    -Registered members obtain the right to build in the 58 Sector City Xeta City and are have more build options (water buckets etc, etc)
    -No special process for becoming registered, just ask an admin!

    Registration of a Password

    This server requests you register a password to protect your account on our server because it is offline and if we didn't people could login as you without a password (NOT GOOD) But we have your back! [​IMG]

    Town And Nations

    -Get 10 people who wish to form a town and you have an admin will make you one.
    -Get 5 towns who want a Nation and an admin will form you one.


    Use Magic and Runes to do wondrous things, visit the main thread and get a complete list of fun runes to use!


    NPCS and Quests

    Talk to NPC's by hitting them with a book, also receive quests this way, use /quest to check quest information! Ask an admin for a book!

    The Nether

    The Nether is easy, just go through a portal at Magi Fort and click a block. You will disconnect, at this point type in and you will be in Hell. YOU MUST LOGIN TO THE SERVER YOU LOGGED OUT OF. To switch back just repeat on other side!


    Party with your friends easily to enjoy grouped Mining and PVE/PVP.

    Use /party new to start a new party and use /party add/kick/disband to manage it!


    Make boats and aircraft with /boat sail or /aircraft pilot and take off!

    Mail System

    Use /mail to manage in-game mail!

    Cuboid Protection

    Protect your creations with /protect!


    Find magic spells and use them with /cast!

    Ready to join? Visit us at to get the IP address to connect!
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    Why would you care?
    To bad its not an Australian server, I would play if it was Australian.