My eShop won't open

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    error code 022-2634
    an error has occured
    please try again later

    due to a flash of emu sysnand. This is not a question of how to restore. I want to know what my system will be blocked from doing without a NNID login. Is it simply that i cant browse the eshop, make purchases, and update existing applications? or is there more? (i.e. online play)

    Please advise. I'm trying to decide if i care enough to work at restoring my e-shop access.
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    I don't think it'll block online play because I'm still playing online...
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    Was your NNID linked to your sysNAND when you formatted it? If so, on Nintendo's end, your NNID is not meant to be used with your 3DS. You need to backup your emuNAND, format your emuNAND, re-link your NNID in emuNAND, and then restore your old emuNAND. This will tell Nintendo's servers that your NNID is linked to your 3DS.
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    I think I got that error earlier on emunand. But I went in again and it worked fine.
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    Yeah, all those steps are exactly why i dont want to bother. I have no desire to buy anything else on the market, and IMO the eShop is horribly designed on the 3ds.

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    Question on that though, if i followed this tut:

    and now have arm9laoderhax CFW aureinand on my system, am i going to fudge things up if i load a emuNand on top of that? currently i only have sysNand aureinand, and i really dont want to mess it up.

    If i can load an emuNand 9.2 on to this bad boy i'd love to go that route for a sideboot, but i do NOT want to tamper with my cfw sysnand!!! AND i do NOT want to mess with my boot features in ANY way:

    You will no longer be able to boot without the SD card in, that is normal.
    You will now boot a Custom Firmware based SysNAND by default.
    You can now hold L+R on boot to launch Decrypt9, a full featured NAND tool.
    You can now hold L+Y on boot to launch EmuNAND9, a full featured EmuNAND and SD management tool.
    You can now hold L+B on boot to launch Uncart, a tool for converting a physical game cart to an installable file. (in the linked guide, replace Brahma with arm9loaderhax)
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    From Nintendo's perspective, your system isn't linked to your NNID because it was formatted. Follow this little guide addressing how to bypass NNID bans, except sign in to your current account at the end instead of making a new one.
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    update on this...

    if you find yourself in my shoes, here is the fix:

    If you have a CFW installed, just take care not to do a settings/factory reset. this will nuke your sd card, and the contents of that sd card are now required to boot your console.

    I got in this position because i formatted my emunand without logging back in with my nnid (settings menu - top item - its a slim bar for nnid login). when i went back on my sysnand and restored nand's to both sys and emunand, the link was now broken. I formatted my association, but the software thought i was logged in which i wasn't. There is no recovery from this unless you format.

    The best way to do this at this point: back up your sysnand (or emunand if you wish to login from there - do NOT log in from both emunand and sysnand, just chose which you want market access from). THEN back up your sd card just in case. Run tinyformat for the nand that you want to get back on the market with (in my case sysnand). go through the setup, then log in to your NNID from settings. Load market fully. Once that is done, your market association is now fixed... you can now use decrypt9 to do a restore of that sysnand you just backed up. Bingo... your sysnand thinks you are logged in, and your system thinks you are logged in, your connections are now established and you are good to go!

    Make sure that whichever nand you restore is on a version that supports market. I.E. if your emunand is to be kept on 9.2 and your sysnand is on 10.7 (or w/e the latest is), restore sysnand! if you restore and associate the 9.2 version, you will need to upgrade first before you can log back in to the market, so keep that in mind.

    Additionally, please do not restore a linked sysnand to both sys and emu... you want to break that link by running a clean format on one or the other (that you plan not to use NNID's on). In my case i have my 9.2 emunand formatted with a clean install and no NNID login. This is how it should be.

    My thanks to everyone at #3dshacks on Rizon Web IRC for stepping me through this.

    apparently there is a registry association or w/e behind the scenes that links you outside the nand that gets broken on a system format. if you run a restore on a nand w/o logging back in first, that's what kills you.

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    System format does -not- nuke the SD card, only that nand's associated folder in sdmc:/Nintendo 3DS/
    It can be easily prevented by simply adding an extra character at the end of the folder's name, and then taking it off once you're done restoring at the end.

    That being said, tinyformat avoids this altogether (along with NNID unlinking) and should be the go-to solution.

    Also, the solution you provided is pretty much exactly what several others have already said. :P and I think squall's solution is probably much better.
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    What??? The eshop design is perfect they could not make it any easier to use its easy to find anything you are looking for in just a few seconds what problem do you have with it??