my 160gb hard drive

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  1. jassim

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    Oct 28, 2008
    i went to this page:
    to see which usbs work and have good memory for a good price.

    and i found a 160gb one and it took me here:

    now i brought that thingy and its just arrived. i have absolutely no idea what to do with it and how toi use it with my usb loader, theres no usb connecter or anything like that

    i just got a little packet with about 100 very small transparent pieces of plastic which i have not opened yet.

    can someone please help me get this to work with my usb loader, thank you.

    also if you need pictures feel free to ask
  2. resincake

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    Aug 21, 2009
    The 160gb HDD, in the link you provided, is an internal drive, you needed an external one. :/

    The only thing you could try, other than sending it back in exchange for an external drive, is to go onto ebay and buy a USB harddrive Caddy Case, or even a IDE to USB converter cable. Those are your only options for that 160gb internal drive to work in a USBLoader. Take note though, the caddy cases dont all work, but I believe most do (best to ask if anyone as successfully used one and what make it is) The converter cables are even less compatible, a few work most dont, but then they're a lot cheaper.

    USB Caddy Case = around £10 to £20-ish.
    IDE to USB cable = from £2 to £8-ish.
    (not sure what the figures are in $.)

    My advise, to save yourself a lot of hassle, is to see if you can get a refund, or failing that see if the place you bought it from (If Amazon like your link suggests, they are usually quite reasonable in returns/exchanges) will exchange the internal 160gb HDD for a USB/External one.

    If you, for whatever reason, end up having to buy another HDD for USBLoader, I can suggest searching ebay for an Apex external USB drive, they are quite cheap and I have gotren 3 now, which all work fine in UsbLoader (a 160gb, 200gb and a 100gb). If you do get an Apex one, firstly plug it in your Pc and use some partition software to delete all partitions, then use WBFS manager to format the free space to WBFS. (The drives come standard partitioned as an extended partition, and this caused me a few minor issues. After completely deleting the extended partition and formatting the RAW space as WBFS these drives ran perfectly everytime.) As an indication of price, my 200gb one was £32 (£4 postage).

    I hope this information helps you. Good luck, buddy. :>
  3. jassim

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    Oct 28, 2008
    ive just sent them an email asking for a refund.

    thank you so much for the help