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Oct 2, 2010
So I've recently updated to iOS 5 from 4.3.1, where I was already jailbroken. I'm not new to the jailbreaking scene, and I had been keeping up to date around the time of the iOS 5 untethered jailbreak. That said, I'm not a beginner.

I'm currently experiencing two problems. My first problem is that my notifications for non pre-installed apps are not working. They are not appearing in the Notification Center, or as a banner/alert. Apple apps show notifications (iMessage, etc) but AppStore apps do not (Facebook, etc). I've googled this answer many times with many different results, but none that worked. In an effort to fix this, I was told to download Push Fix from Cydia. That did not solve my problem, and actually created a new one.

I'm not 100% sure that Push Fix caused this problem, but after installing it, I was told to reboot my device. Upon unlocking my device after reboot, I tried iMessage. First, it made me re-input my wifi password as if it was a newly discovered network. Then, it walked me through the setup steps once again to begin using iMessage, even though I've been using iMessage for days now. The problem though, is that when I send an iMessage, the "sending" bar never fills, and after a second or two I get the "red exclamation mark" showing an error. It says the message cannot be sent at this time.

I'd like to avoid restoring my iPod again if possible, however I will accept that as a last resort. Thank you for your help!

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