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    I've been searching, and everyone keeps saying iTunes -- but I personally hate iTunes. I'm not a fan of Rhapsody or WMP either. Here's what I want in a program:

    1) Connect to a database and pull album info. If it can't find it, you should be able to search and specify the album, if it's available.
    2) Rename all the MP3's based on that data -- and have the ability to customize how it renames them.
    3) Set the ID3 tags based on that data
    4) if the data isn't available, well I'll rename them all manually.

    I don't care if it plays music -- I can use Winamp or WMP or my MP3 player for that. I just need something to pull the data and rename the shit for me. Cuz I'm lazy. And I hate iTunes, and a lot of the freeware crap I've found doesn't actually work as advertised.

    Does anyone know of anything that works???
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    Jan 28, 2008
    Use a combination of MP3Tag and MusicIP Mixer. Google em