ROM Hack Monster Hunter music hacks?


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Sep 6, 2014
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Hey everyone, I've been looking around but found no advances on the subject except for a few questions from like 2015.

I was wondering, are there any planned or ongoing projects to create music hacks for the Monster Hunter games? Be they for 3/3U, 4/4U, or X/XX. While the music in the games is already great, there are some official fantastic themes from other sources such as the orchestras, Dravonista's medleys and ofc for the monsters that have made the jump to World, their music updates there.

If there are none (understandable, niche of a niche), where would I have to begin in order to create a quick&dirty, workable proof of concept? I assume I have to complete at least three steps: 1.- convert the music to the format(s) used by the 3DS 2.- add looping information to the tracks 3.- package everything into a layered FS or similar using the correct filenames for the tracks. I know I can do steps 3 and 4 if I can find good documentation ("list of files to replace" etc) but no idea on steps 1 and 2, my search fu seems to not be good on them.

Thanks everyone.
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