Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Save Transfer Question

Discussion in 'Switch - Games & Content' started by Skeet1983, Jun 22, 2018.

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    Hi guys. I have Monster Hunter Generations on my N3DS and plan to get it for the Switch. From what I read about the game, saves from 3DS version can be transferred to the Switch version. Thing is, I also use cheats for pretty much all of my N3DS games (Used to use Gateway cheats, now use NTR Cheat Plugins). Should I be concerned/worried about transferring a hacked/cheated save from 3DS to Switch version? Thoughts and help greatly appreciated :)
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    I don't think that cause an issue because its possible in japanese Version. You can Transfer a cheated/modified Savegame from MHGEN(If converted to japanese version, via luma3ds)/MHX/MHXX (3DS) to MHXX (Switch), since MHGU ist just a localized Version of MHXX there shouldnt be a difference, but keep in mind that in Switch its possible that you get banned while playing with a hardly modified Savegame on Switch online.
    Simple answere : yes ^^

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    But has this been proven in the JP version of the game? no one got caught?
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    Itll be the same i assume like 4U was. Plenty of cheaters but even gear wont carry you in these games. I would end up just leaving the group once i knew there was a dude with maxd gear but yet would be the first die. Love this game for that reason alone even with cheats it wont carry you.
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    Well, the game has in built mechanisms to filter outrageous palicos and over the top perfect talismans.

    I doubt they'll ban you unless you've gone over a threshold of a parameter that breaks the game, like one hit kill weapons, if that is even possible.
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