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    Another midi device for the DS

    GrizzlyAdams has released monome~ds. It is a DS "port"/simulation of a monome 40h like hardware device. The monome 40h is a programmable device mainly used by those in the audio world to perform common tasks related to audio.

    [title:Readme]40h buttons: send midi keydown / keyup events 0-63

    40h lights : respond to midi keydown / keyup events 0-63

    Channel buttons & Up/Down DPAD: select current channel

    Connection light:

    the small light at the bottom of the screen under the divider between the 40h buttons and channel buttons shows the status of the connection.

    Yellow = Connecting

    Green = Connected

    Red = Disconnected/Error

    By default it starts in local loopback mode, press START to connect.

    There is no config menu in this version and you are stuck with the first WFC profile.

    Future plans:

    - glowing channel buttons showing data flow (33% = data, 66% = selected, 100% = both)

    - actual emulation of a monome 40h / wrapper for running monome firmware

    - wfc selection

    - 2nd display-only monome

    NOTE: this program is NOT from, licensed by, or supported by monome.

    [​IMG] GBADev topic

    [​IMG] Download (source included)

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    what exactly does this do? i got it working and everything, but i'm not hearing any music or sounds...