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  1. Saiyyan

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    Jul 7, 2011
    K so i soft modded my wii 4.3U and now i have BOOTMII as IOS, HBC 1.0.8, Darkcorp and priiloader
    Any was i came across Mod mii and downloaded the newest version then got a theme; DARKWII RED
    So modmii sayed it was 4.3 but after i installed the theme wth my menuify everything was okay but the settings menu was gone and instead there was a black screen
    with music and everything but the screen was black so i assumed it was a semi brick. Then i tried to fix it with the file it came with in modmii and everything was
    like it was before but the settings menu was still not there.
    So then I got NUSD and got the file and mymenuify sayed it was not a theme file.
    then i thought i should get a pal one cause regions dont matter so i nstalled
    Soon i gut a bricked wii everything black. So i loaded priiloader and went to hbc went o my menuify and installed the file from modmii
    still with no settings menu. I dont want to reinstall the system menu with wad manager cause everything would be deleted and i dont have the exploit game
    anymore. I have made a nand back up right now and could someone pls tell me how to get a working .app file thanks in advance.
    I think this is in the wrong section but i dont know anything about changeing sections sorry i m a noob
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