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    i used modmii to update my ios's on my 4.3u. i done a system check then run it in modmii and it told me what ios's i needed to update. after i updated the wii ios's some of my backup games on dvd-r stopped loading. mostly music games (rockband 3 all guitar hero's) , all instruments and a few others (call of duty's). somehow my backup wad file got deleted. so i dont know what ios's i had that worked. can anybody help?
    thanks .

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    modmii overwrote\uninstalled darkcorp (f.k.a. cioscorp), which is generally seen as a messy way of getting backup disc loading to work. In it's current state, u can load backup discs on your Wii using a usb-loader and\or neogamma. Alternatively most people will recommend you switch to using usb-loading anyways.

    If you insist on backup disc loading, I recommend using neogamma; if you further insist on backup disc loading directly from the disc channel, I recommend you research\install something called neocorp. If you are dead set on the exact same set-up you had before, then carefully research\reinstall darkcorp.

    edit: and for future reference, u can use ModMii without it overwriting darkcorp if you disable ModMii's option to install\update active IOSs