Modified version of wbfs.exe

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    Nov 23, 2008
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    just tried to make wbfs more useful.

    changes in Mod v1.0:

    - added "rename" command.
    - command "add" accept custom name for title
    - command "extract" accepts custom ISO name.
    - use "a" command instead "add" if you want progress indicatior instead spinner.
    - list command has better readability (use "l" command for shorter view)
    - command "extract" now shows correct progress/percents and ETA.
    - added short versions of commands (sometimes with small changes in screen output)
    - better compatibility with trimmed (don't mess with scrubbed) ISOs. Warning will be provided instead fatal error.

    full source code has been included along with required headers and static libs from OpenSSL.

    By renaming/adding with custome name, original name will remain in ISO header. Changes of name will be made only in WBFS directory, so it safe to change name to whatever you want without remembering original name.

    Sounds awesome [​IMG]