Modding Mario Party Superstars emotes


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Jun 9, 2013
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Hello all!

First a demonstration of what you can do:

Note that all of this will show up client-side (aka only to you), so it's more for those of us that like having friends over and playing Mario Party with them. This can all be done using the Switch Toolbox:

  • Dump the files use nxdumptool, it's the easiest way:
  • Modify emote text in (mess.nx.bea > mess > bin > USen > im_stamp.mbst)
  • Images are located in (emote.nx.bea > emote > layout.lyt > timg > __Combined.bntx)
  • You can expand down "into" the files by double clicking them in Switch-Toolbox. It will then read the file and show a '+' sign next to it to expand down into

Some notes/pointers:
  • Blank out the im_stamp.mbst with spaces (mess.nx.bea) as editing messages fast with Photoshop is easier
  • The Player-Character emotes all share the same text from im_stamp.mbst, so you need to blank out them anyway if you want character-specific emotes to have their own text
  • Use 372 x 372 images, as that is the dimensions used in-game when running docked at 1080p
    • I used the original 512x512 once, but the game resizes them to 372x372 anyways. When using text on the image, it'll be blurry if it has to be resized in-game
  • Fill your directory with what emotes you want named appropriately, then you can right click "__Combined.bntx" in Switch Toolbox and select "Replace Textures (From Folder)" to import all of them at once, then save
  • I've attached an image that can help you know which emote numbers line up where in the stickers list when playing, it helped me out a lot in figuring out where I wanted to place them

I've attached a "blank.psd" that folks can use that's the correct dimensions and has text in a good location + outline installed.

What I would like help with though is finding the sound effects used for the emotes. I've searched through all the BGM archives and they're not there, but there are some files I can't find an app to open with in the files such as "audio.nx.bea"


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Feb 9, 2017
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So I’ve been dabbling with this, and ended up downloading a pre made mod from GameBanana to see if it works.

For some reason it looks like my atmosphere (1.2.4) doesn’t recognise the title ID directory for Mario party superstars in the contents folder. SimpleModManager doesn’t recognise it either, and when I output an app profile for sys-clk, the entry in my config.ini shows the titled ID is the same as the directory in contents.

I’ve been playing with the GTA 3 graphics options mod and it works fine in comparison, as well as a few for POKEMON Sword and Shield.

Thought it might be the 1.1 update but i deleted it in dbi and the problem persists.

Anyone else seen this?
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