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    Dec 30, 2012
    This generarion show us a beautiful ambients and really nice characters like arthur but.... sometimes even if you have your game in you hands and next to your console you wont be able to play it without and One hour or more to install it, so is really anoying... a great exmples of a kick in your but are GTA online, COD warfare... in this Way Nintendo is lovely most of the games are plug and play
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    Jul 11, 2009
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    Not much anyone can do about it unfortunately, as games start using more advanced engines and start having higher graphical fidelity, file sizes get bigger and bigger, and accessing that amount of game data from something like an optical drive just isn't remotely feasible anymore as it's too slow to process the amount of data more modern games end up being. The PS5/Sexbox (and Nvidia, with their "RTX IO" thing they announced with Ampere for PC) are attempting to help mitigate this by giving developers access to super fast IO, allowing them to only have to store particular assets once (so devs won't have to implement the same texture they might use on 20 different buildings 20 different times for 20 different levels, for example), which will help reduce game sizes, but we don't know how much help in particular this may end up being. You'll still need to install things directly to the SSD, but hopefully it won't be as much data so it won't take as long.

    The Switch gets a pass only because it uses flash-based cartridges, so it's fast enough to simply access games from the cart, but there are multiple problems with this. For one, games have to be limited in size, as Nintendo doesn't provide cartridges bigger than 32GB (I believe they had plans for 64GB carts, but they've been delayed since like 2018. No idea if they're available now or not, but last I heard they weren't), which results in games like LA Noire, NBA 2k18, RE Revelations, Wolfenstein II, and various other titles to require additional downloads in order to play the game. There's also an issue with cost, something you may have heard about is the "Switch tax" for certain game ports, this is because cartridges are much more expensive to produce for games vs pressing optical discs, so some publishers opt to push this extra cost on consumers rather than letting it eat into their profits.
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