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    Mar 19, 2014
    So I loaded my 3DS XL up earlier, booted into gateway mode, pressed select, about to enjoy some Phoenix wright, all of a sudden It says 'read error' I think hmm okay, try it again. Same problem. Put it into an adaptor, the laptop won't even recognise the card has been inserted. Put the normal SD card into the laptop, works fine. I tested the MicroSD as soon as I received It and It's definitely genuine. I'm just about to order a replacement on Amazon but I figured before I do I'd ask you guys and see if you have any Ideas what's gone wrong somewhere or any Ideas on how I can get the laptop to read the card. Thanks.
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    Dec 21, 2013
    First, try to test to make sure that there are no defects on your microSD card by running h2testw or some similar.

    If the tests come out fine, the microSD card might not be making proper contact with the reader on the Gateway Card reader. You can try to stick a bit of tape or paper to the side of microSD opposite the contacts to try to make it a bit thicker in order to help make a firmer connection when you put in the microSD.

    You can also try to run diagnostics through the Gateway Menu to help identify any problems you may be having.
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