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    Hello, Uranus from /m/ here. To clarify, this is a hack of pokemon platinum where all pokemon are replaced with mechs, like Mazinger Z, RX78-2 Gundam, and Getter Robo.
    What's confirmed so far: Gen IV Pokemon will be replaced first, will work on Gen III, II, and then I. Gen IV starters are Getter 1(Fire), Getter 2(Leaf), Getter 3(Water). Gen III starters are Boss Borot(Leaf), Mazinger Z(Fire), Energer Z(Water). Gen II starters are from GaoGaiGar:FuuRyu(Leaf), GaiGar(Fire), HyoRyu(Water. Gen I starters are Guntank(Leaf), RX78-2 Gundam(Fire), and Gp01 Gundam(Water).
    What's not confirmed: Release, Legendaries, Evee evolution tree, all other pokemon so far, trainer sprite, movesets, and a TON of other stuff I'm about to put into this sucker.

    Unfortunetly I just started this, and I only have one other person helping out. Hopefully more people will be willing to help out, but until then I will try to get as much done as possible. Maybe I'll organize this a bit better if I get some time too (as I have college).
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