Mass Effect 2 "The Arrival" DLC confirmed through PS3 update

Discussion in 'User Submitted News' started by Okami Wolfen, Feb 23, 2011.

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    Mass Effect 2 'Arrival' DLC detailed by latest patch | Joystiq

    Contains three new achievements, one of them referring to rescuing a Dr. Amanda Kenson, whom was mentioned once or twice in a Cerberus Daily News posting. The in-game news posting mentioned her saying that the Mass Relays were much older than the Protheans. The DLC will most likely feature her being taken hostage by pirates in a Batarian heavy star system.

    Totally pumped for this. Since Bioware said that the DLC would bridge the gap between ME2&3, I'm wondering if the name refers to the Arrival of the Reapers.

    Zomg, so excited!
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    I cannot wait for this. Didn`t they already said, that there will be two DLCs, which connect ME2 and 3!? Hopefully we`ll quickly get a release date.

    I think up to date the DLC missions for ME2 were all really good and the Shadow Broker DLC was most definitely the best one yet!
  3. Kamiyama

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    I still hope that Bioware don't rush with the third one. They really need do some more bug testing. There was some places in first one where you can get stuck like forever. In second one there was thousands of those places and even places where you can drop off from the map. Some times characters was walking in the air and was stuck because of that.
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    That's good to hear they're still making dlc; but I've yet to experience the non-free Cerb. Network ones. [​IMG]
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    Heh, finally got around to playing the first one and during the main fight on Noveria (trying not to have spoilers), I was 'thrown' and just watched as I went through a wall and continued to drift backwards as the level surfaces faded into a grey background. Unfortunately when it stopped being cool, I had to alt tab as I couldn't bring up the menu. Though if there is more of that in 2, I'll just have to deal with it as one was really great.
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    ME2 DLC has been really good so far. Overlord was amazing, and Shadow Broker even more so. Can not wait.
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    Awesome. Recently went through ME2 on the PS3 in it's entirety (almost). Loved all the DLC, hopefully BioWare will make this one as awesome as the others.