Managing 3DS Camera Photos

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    So I've had my 3DS since launch date in 2011. I've done a few system transfers, but it's still the same system image as I had on day one.

    Obviously in that time I've taken lots of photos (a lot were just me experimenting with the 3D cameras) and deleted many as well.

    So today I went through and purged all the stuff I didn't want off of my SD card. I was left with maybe 300 some-odd pictures I still wanted to keep (including screenshots from Nintendogs, Pokémon and Tomodachi Life as well)

    So I had wanted to get rid of the "holes" in the numbering. I copied all my photos to the system storage, then erased the DCIM folder from my SD. Copied them all back - now the numbers are all progressive without any gaps, but the folders start at 129NIN03, not 100. It seems like the numbering starts where I left off, so instead of HNI_001, my first image is HNI_0037.JPG and HNI_0037.MPO

    Is there some file on the SD that tells the 3DS where to start its consecutive numbering? I can't imagine it would be something stored in the NAND as that doesn't exactly use a FAT32 filesystem like the SD card does.

    I'd love to purge whatever that is so I can have my pictures start at 001 in 100NIN03 and work their way up from there.