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    Apr 14, 2016
    In view of the recent controversies on some homebrew such as unbanmii or themely, I ask myself somes questions and I hope you will answer me:

    - What data or others things can be pirated and for what purposes?
    - what forms can these malwares take ? (.cia, themes, .3ds, ...?)
    - If you install one of these .cia and then delete it with the console settings, are we out of danger or does the malware still remain in the console ?
    - Can these applications retrieve data as soon as they are connected to the networks without being launched or must they be launched and connected to the networks at the same time to take effect?
    - How to know if a .cia homebrew is open source ?
    - What danger can the 3dstheme site represent ?

    I install the last themely few days ago. I delete it but Im affraid now.
    Thanks to those who will enlighten me
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    Pretty sure themes can't contain malware. If you are worried about using Themely, use ihaveamac's open source version.

    EDIT: You can search the name of the application and "Github" after it and it should result in a GitHub site containing code. If the homebrew is open source, it should be in the post tho'. Also, open source doesn't always equal to safe.
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    malware on 3ds from my knowledge only works when you connect to the app providers server.Just opening and closing a application doesn't trigger it to collect information.Unbanmii only collects information when you upload a seed or download one.So ermans new closed source themely could only install malware when you automatically update the app with its built in update feature which downloads a update from a server.As sead above don't update to the closed source themely,use the fork.
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  4. NexoCube

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    - Everything your 3DS store can be pirated (not a big deal lol)
    - .3dsx or .cia, every homebrew and app you execute
    - The malware can only be permanent if it's installed as a system module (but you can easily detect it and delete it, never seen it yet)
    - they need to be launched, and they can directly send/Recv data over network, as soon as they're here (but there's no known permanent malware, known malware are doing stuff when they're executed, such as UnbanMii, doing stuff till you're in)
    - They usually give the link in the GBATemp thread, or you can ask them directly by commenting their threads
    - none i suppose
  5. Cortexfou

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    Apr 14, 2016
    Many thanks ! You're the best guys ! I am reassured !
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