LT+ 3.0 released for Slim.

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    Oct 11, 2011
    C4E released the iXtreme LT+ v3.0 CFW for the SLIM 0272/0225/0401/1071 Lite-On (Philips-LiteOn DG-16D4S) drives:

    C4E's iXtreme LT+ in association with Team Jungle & Team Xecuter
    Official release of the iXtreme LT+ v3.0 for 0272/0225/0401/1071 slim Liteons
    - Support for topology data on AP25 enabled titles. Will correctly answer any ap25 challenge eliminating need for dae.bin to create a backup.
    - No need to make new backups everytime dae.bin is updated on console
    - Extra support for rare firmwares

    Topology Data
    When ap25 was first introduced I devised a way of calculating any challenge which I called the silver bullet which I made reference to along time ago.
    This was withheld until it was absolutely necessary. It was easier to replay the fixed challenges.
    With unique per console ap25 challenges it has become necessary to use the silver bullet.
    A series of measurements are taken across the disk. This topology data is then used to calculate a response to any ap25 challenge.
    It is very important that the drive used to create the topology data is reliable at reading discs as bad topology data equals bad ap25 responses.
    Liteon drives using 0800 v3 seem to be more accurate for this purpose. Only ap25 enabled titles require topology data. Activation of ap25 on older non-ap25 games although technically possible is highly unlikely.
    Currently topology data for xgd3 titles are similar and topology data from one xgd3 title will pass on another xgd3 title although this is not advisable.
    Per title title topology data is best as there are slight differences between titles and newer titles could have different topology than existing ones.

    One liteon to go and four Hitachis. Have a great year everyone.

    Thanks go to Team Jungle and all testers for their hard work and efforts in the development process.
    Thanks also go to Team Xecuter for their support to this project.

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