Lost Planet 2 Demo Announced, PC and PS3 Versions Possible

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    "Capcom plans to release a demo of Lost Planet 2 for the Xbox 360 around the time of E3, Jun Takeuchi said. He also hinted at a future for the title on other platforms.

    While demonstrating Lost Planet 2 to the gathered writers last week, Takeuchi pointed out it was playing on PC, not Xbox 360. When asked about whether we could expect a PC version of the game he was a little coy.

    "It is running off a PC now, so there may be something we can announce fairly shortly," he said.

    And what about the rumored Playstation 3 version?

    "We are concentrating right now on the 360 version of this game," he said. "However, we would not say that the possibility of a Playstation 3 version of the game is zero, we are just very busy developing the 360 version right now."

    Lost Planet 2 will feature four player coop, competitive multiplayer with up to 16 people and is played on an Eden 3 that has begin to thaw. Stay tuned for a much more detailed story on what to expect from the game a bit later today."

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