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    So I've finally had enough of in-ear buds and a separate, cheap microphone laying on the desk in front of me and thought I'd get a proper headset for Christmas. Only problem is I've basically no experience in choosing one and am not entirely sure what to be looking for.
    From what I've gathered from Google-ing the Steelseries Siberia V2 is a popular choice and after looking a bit closer it does look very good and everything I'm looking for (the 'invisible' mic is very neat). However, it is quite pricey (even though you can spend literally hundreds on headsets) at ~£60, I'd prefer to keep it a little cheaper at under £50 though if you can convince me to spend the little extra go ahead (or alternatively can find a better price).

    So, any suggestions/thoughts/tips?
    Thanks in advance.

    BTW, I found this on eBay for only £25, what are the chances that this is genuine and new?
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    You get what you pay for, really. That's pretty much always the case. Spend more if you want more.

    Awesome headphones, alright mic = Sennheiser. Fantastic quality and feel, though usually a bit on the larger side. But comfort is big baby.
    Alright headphones, great mic = logitech. I've got a G330 myself. Flimsy as shit, but not THAT expensive. Works fantastically I must say, but not great for prolonged use (by prolonged I mean like...3-4+ hours). Hurts the ears after that long.

    I hear SteelSeries is a good brand. No idea though since i've never tried anything except their mousepads (which are quite awesome I might add, even for a mousepad)
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    Why do you need another set of heads? Did someone cut your original one off?

    OT: Logitech is pretty good.
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