loadiine and multi exploit files?!

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    Dec 21, 2015
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    first at all English is not My "motherlanguage" please be patient if I write not perfectly.

    Here my problem I usw actually the exploit.wiiubrew.net to run the exploit because I use the loadiine flow version with the blue buttons and the blue border at the bottom.
    The name on the website is "loadiine flow (5.3.2)".

    Now my question, I search for the files for the exploit and loadiine files.
    The blue window with the options to click (multikernel or normal...)

    I want to host it on My github page,
    because always can something go offline and it's only for me and my safety that I can run the exploit.

    Has someone the server files structure?

    Many thx
  2. fraret

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    Nov 22, 2015
    On exploit.wiiubrew.net click Self-Host package and it will download a zip with all the files required to host your own exploit.
    Hosting on github is not a good idea. The page was first there (eclipsesin.github.io) but they shut it down, so it could happen to you if you host the exploits there.