Lite-on pcb board help

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    This 9 series lite-on pcb has some burnt out pads on it. The key has been dumped from the drive but can this board be fixed so firmware can be written to the drive, the drive has no firmware on it now.

    This is a pic of the board I will try to upload a better one latter


    the points with the x going though it are the burnt out one

    any help would be great thanks in advance
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    I am not willing to call it before we have a better picture to look at but what I can see in the blurriness is not good.

    Obviously you are going to have reconnect the tracks but the holes are where it could get tricky. I lack a full PCB shot to hand and I am not all that willing to trace mine out right now but those holes are there for a reason beyond making it possible to hack so you are going to have to repair those as well. They are small but wire gets that small too, I would sacrifice some headphones if you lack the wire ( might be of use here).
    In short possible- yes, trivial- no. While you could do it with a firestarter iron you will probably want a decent soldering station.
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    Mar 27, 2006
    its possible to fix it using the other side of the board.
    check there is a thread with pictures.

    but i dont understand how this is possible, i use a 15watt soldering iron and i cant get the board to burn?