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    Short Story......

    In case you unware the current macbooks pro's cannot run "fully properly" Gnu/Linux.....

    This is beacuse starting with the 2016 macbook pro and 2015 macbook apple made serious changes to thier hardware.

    when i first got my 2015 macbook in 2015 I discoverd the only thing properly works is the video....

    for those who want to see updates on the progress there is on github page that allows to track what's works and what dosen't....


    And there's also some images online that have preconfigured reversed engineered Drivers like this one:


    BUT Lot's of drivers still missing.... Like:

    Wifi (on some macbook's pro's)
    Touch id
    Proper suspend hibration

    So i decided to make a thread and if.....

    I'f someone has drivers for Debian Based distros please post them here (: I and probobly LOT'S of other mac users looking for those drivers! We will be very happy!

    (dammit apple this time!)


    until then......

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