Life Problems 101 (help please)

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    Hey fellow friends, I want to speak to you all about how hard is it to if you don't graduate? I was always bad in school but as I got older my perspective has changed I've been doing my work ever since but the problem is that I'm getting tired of highschool and honestly I want to drop out. I was just curious on how hard it is in general? I've been through a lot of stressful situations and I know high school is the core problem for me, I just want to get a job, and move out sooner than expected. I know a lot of people don't want me to do it but I'm just tired I'll rather take online classes or something because if I were to do it online I'll graduate WAY quicker but since I can't due to my mother no luck has happen for me sadly. What do you think I should do as for now? Any recommendations would be fine :)
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    I wouldn't quit school unless there's positively something else you want to be doing. Moving out on a rush is also a rather bad idea. I don't know your situation or how you feel but if you're feeling very stressed out then it may be a good idea to quit, recollect yourself and then continue school once you're feeling better.
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    Just stick with it. Highschool is what only 4 years, you'll be much better off at least having a highschool diploma than without.
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    Life is becoming difficult if you don't even have a college degree these days. It doesn't even matter what it is. Some places just want any college degree for entry level positions. It's similar to expecting a high school degree from the 70s and on. Finish high school, it feels like an eternity now but it really isn't, go to college or at least get a technical degree and your life will be much easier. You can start college without knowing exactly what you want and you can do that however you want, really. Just make sure your college or online courses are legitimately accredited. You don't need to be "smart" to get educated. Just determined.

    And don't worry about the money. I mean, still be responsible with it, but don't worry about college expenses being unnecessary expenses. Life finds a way to screw you over no matter how much you make or how well off you are. Best to deal with money issues while young than later in life.
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    You think life is hard now? Try it without an education.

    Unless you have some clear goal that you know you can accomplish, and school is just going to be in the way, there's really no reason to quit school. Every single person I know who has done that has turned out to be a useless piece of gutter trash.
    Even trades around here require people to finish highschool. I imagine that's just because having a basic education is quite nice and weeds out the dumbasses.

    There's absolutely no benefit to quitting now, especially if you are actually 18. That would be a giant waste of everyones time, including yours.

    Just tough it out, tons of people hate highschool but you'll be glad you finished later down the road. I know I despised my entire highschool life, but I definitely now regret not taking it more seriously.
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