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    Hi there,

    I have a wii that I hacked years ago, it's running homebrews like HBL and WiiFlow, what I want to know is if there is a way to launch my WBFS backups (located on my SD card) like individual games/channels directly from the main menu of the wii without having to start Wiiflow or another backup loader before.

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    yes, and no :P

    You can get channels for each of your wbfs game located on sd or usb.
    You can't launch the channels without a loader (wiiflow/CFG for SD, Wiiflow/CFG/USBLoaderGX for USB).

    the channel is in fact a forwarder, which launches one of your USB Loader but sends a game's titleID as argument with "autoboot" information.
    The loader is then responsible for selecting the wbfs file and launching it using the setting you set for that game (language, video mode, cheats, etc.), except that it launches right at loader's start. with some loaders, you don't even see that a loader is being launched.
    you can see it like this : the loader is the place where you set the game setting, the channel is the place where you launch the game.

    channel -> launch a game loader -> game loader autoboot the game

    here is the program you use on your computer to generate the channel that you will install on your system menu using a wad manager :,26965,34837
    I don't know if it's the latest version.
    Attention, it was known that some games could brick your system menu (banner brick), be sure you have Priiloader or Bootmii@boot2 before installing wads.
    (a boy and his blob, or Mario party 9 are banner bricking. I think aboy&blob has a protection in Wiigsc and will refuse to make it a channel, I don't know about other games)
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    I would recommend using Priiloader or Bootmii to launch USB Loader GX on boot, and have its theme set to the Wii theme, It would be a lot less hassle.
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    I agree, that's the easiest and safest method.
    using a loader will give you more settings (for example like parental control, in case you want an easy access for kids) and more features (alphabetical sort order, favorite, etc.)
    the loader will also list unlimited game count (65535 max) while your system menu will only have about 40 installed game at the same time.

    with proper setting, you can bypass the system menu completely, having the loader acting as if it was the official console's menu.
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