Launch channels via CFG USB Loader

Discussion in 'Wii - Backup Loaders' started by BlueLemming, Jan 23, 2013.

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    Jun 21, 2011
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    I noticed it has a "channels" filter, so would that mean that we can launch channels now? If I choose that filter, nothing shows up. It'd be nice if it could show the channels installed on my Wii (maybe that's what it's for?) but it's leading me to believe I have to place the channels elsewhere in order for CFG to recognize them.
  2. ayrek

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    Dec 20, 2010
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    You need to set up an emulated NAND on SD or USB. CFG will read most of the channels installed on your emulated NAND, and will boot most of the channels it reads, but compatibility is still being worked on.
    You can try it out pretty easily. Do a NAND dump with Bootmii, and use ShowMiiWads to extract the nand.bin to your emulated NAND directory (USB:/NAND by default). When you CFG, you should see some channels there. From there, it's just extensive testing and tweaking to get things working. :)
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    Apr 12, 2014
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    I'm sorry to revive an old thread, but I'm having trouble playing games through emulated Nand using CFG. (I know everyone probably is.) I can get the channels to show up, following the above method but every game that I load either crashes and just resets to the Home menu or gives me this message:

    "This file cannot be used because the data is corrupted. Press the A button to return to the Wii Menu."

    But then I can't press the A button because it turns off my Wiimote, and so I have to manually turn off the system and rest my remote.

    I haven't set up any sort of "save file" folder, idk I've heard that mentioned here and there but no concrete details about it. I've just used the ShowMiiWads program to add my wads to the Nand that I made through Bootmii. I have the nand folder on my external usb's root directory.

    Is there a solution to this? Has anyone been able to emulate Nand in CFG and have any game that works? Thanks. :)