L and R kry dsi problems

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  1. sumarth

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    my L and R keys cease to respond. this is because there is dust stuck in the socket, blocking the connection

    if i blow into it, it fixes the keys for very few button-presses and leaves me with a mouth full of dust [​IMG]

    do you think it is worth it to open up my dsi with a screwdriver and try to clean it out?

    i sent it to ninty, came back, and then stopped working again [​IMG]
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    I know a fix and a way to keep it fixed. The solution is theoretical though.

    Buy a can of compressed air. Spray it under the shoulder buttons.

    To keep it clean, buy a carrying case that covers the shoulder buttons completely. I know one that is a folio case, it's pretty good. Alternatively just cover the shoulder buttons with something that attracts little dust.

    That's how Nintendo does business. They release shitware then make you buy more shit just to keep your shitware working. They're lucky some of their games are actually good.
  3. sumarth

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    lets see where i can find compressed air.....