Knights in the Nightmare Will Include Free Stuff

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    "Atlus has gotten into the habit of releasing bonus stuff of some kind with all of its games. Legacy of Ys, The Dark Spire, and Super Robot Taisen Etc. all come with free soundtracks, and Hammerin' Hero on the PSP includes irresistible figurines for preorders. Knights in the Nightmare is no exception.

    The company just announced that, like its other recent DS offerings, all copies of Knights will come in an oversized box with a bundled CD soundtrack disc. In addition, preorders from 'participating retailers' will include an art book!

    In its press release about the bundle, Atlus blamed Charlie the Chimpanzee, the ape in charge of the Spoils program, for recent excesses. 'In hindsight, hiring a non-human for this position may have been a mistake,' said Atlus PR manager Aram Jabbari.

    New screenshots are available in our gallery, and we've got a second gallery after the break featuring preview images from the art book."

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    Is this Japan only or american? I kind of recall that it's already released in japanese [​IMG] I may be wrong tho
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    this is for the american release

    and lol@ the reps response regarding the monkey