KH 358/2 Days Mission Completion question

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    I just started playing KH 358/2 Days and I'm already onto Day 24. I have a question though about mission completion.

    When I go into the Holo-Mission section, I see a white "~" next to "Day 15". When I select the day, I've collected all 2, 7, and 0 chests and completed each mission so the status bar turned orange and was completely full. Each of the three missions has the bright bold yellow "DONE", but the 2nd and the 3rd don't have a black check mark beside them.

    What could possibly be incomplete? I did everything possible, or so I think... (I'm trying for 100% completion so this is bugging me [​IMG] )
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    Here's a mission guide.

    If that doesn't help, then just look around the places. Sometimes the missions have extra objectives, the guide should help you out.
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    The missions and chests are unrelated...

    You can get a mission complete without having opened a chest. They're just bonuses/collectibles.