Just Tried SaveMiiFrii, it failed.

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    I opened up a offbrand gc controller to try and save my wii that I bricked installing a shitty cIOS back in 2010. I was trying to get the newest version of cIOS and DVDmod installed at the same time. I held all 4 dpad buttons and still a black screen. What modchips or actions do I need to do to save my wii? I Really don't want to buy a new one since it was the OG 2008 wii from launch and I value it too much.
    EDIT: Would getting a modded dvd drive let me boot a system menu off a dvd?
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    you will have go get a mod chip that's set to autoboot a dvd. you can then burn something like wad manager on a dvd and it will autoboot the dvd before the wii attempts to load the system menu. you will need some working ios for it to use to boot. there is a program that lets you make your own custom wii dvd image. That will alow you to create a dvd image with what ever dol you need to boot. i have created a wad manager 1.5 dvd image before and burned it to a dvd and i can confirm it works.