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    Ok I have a hacked PSP but still not experience enough and i have some questions i cant find answers to. what i am trying to do is update from 3.80 m33 to 4.01 m33(there should be a FAQ sticked thread)

    1. will the magic memory stick i formatted work to update to a new custom firmware with out having to reformat it? (do i need to format it for every custom firmware update)

    2. will a MicroSDHC memory card placed into a Microsd Memory stick adapter work on a PSP?

    3. if the adapter works will there be alot of slow down in reading and writing to it?

    4. also how is the psp backed up?(in case it gets bricked you just load a program?)

    I have been reading alot but theses are the questions i still have. If you know the answers to any of theses please post, and if you know a link to explain any of theses question please post too.

    kire. Thank you ahead of time.
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    if you have 3.80m33 and not official firmware 3.80, then you will be able to upgrade to 4.01 m33-2 with the update option in the xmb. it will download 4.01 m33-2 and install. Since firmware 3.80 m33 DAX has rerouted the firmware update option in the xmb to go to his personal servers, and not sony's.

    1) it's always best to format before updating, even though I have done it without but I don't condone it. so back your stuff up just in case.

    2) I don't see why not, but just in case stick with a regular memory stick pro duo. At least 64MB.

    3) not sure what you mean about slowdown in reading and writing. It works flawlessly in my opinion, as long as you don't mess with it, have a fully charged battery and plug it in as well just in case. It takes a little time, but it doesn't freeze if that's what you mean.

    4) if you brick your psp, then you will need a magic memory stick and a pandora battery. Look up pandora installer or despertar del cementerio on google and you will find some stuff about it.

    good luck.
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    Here a place I found that I had used to update my custom firmware link
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    Noo, If you have Wi-Fi just go to Network update" in the PSP XMB- and it will update the CFW to 4.01 M33-2

    Its much faster, If not go to Dark Alex website- (Google) his name. The updates are on their too. but the First method is the fastest
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    There is a slight decrease in read/write time when using a MicroSD->MS Pro Duo adaptor, due to the fact that they use different storage standards. The difference will be less than 10% though, so you shouldn't notice unless you're counting the seconds of a loading screen to compare. It all depends on the quality of card, and adapter, that you use.

    The only real danger with using it is that the contacts for MicroSD are much easier to wear out than MS Pro Duo, and it's operational temperature range is much smaller. I think it was about 20C difference, before it risks burning out. Also (and I don't know if this is only the case with my adapter) the adapter tends to stick out of the PSP, so knocking it slightly could break contact, and possibly corrupt the data on it. Generally, it's much more reliable to use MS Pro Duo.

    EDIT: Also, if you want to back up your PSP, the easiest way is to switch USB mode and save everything in flash0, flash1, etc. I think only the first 2 matter, as all of your settings are saved there, but you might aswell back them all up.
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    you make a nand dump with pandora and DCv7

    the nand dump is a FULL back-up of you psp KEYs and all flashes(0,1,2,3,4)
    it will ONLY fix the psp that made it
    it WILL MESS up ANY other psp

    MicroSD->MS Pro Duo adaptor may NOT work well with plugins
    i whoul just use a REAL MS Pro Duo

    there is some good info there