Just got my DSTWO!

Discussion in 'Supercard' started by sporkonomix, Sep 3, 2015.

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    I just got my DSTWO today from nds-card. It arrived pretty quickly, and so far I've opened it and started reading the manual. I have to say, the Supercard team did a great job working with people to get the packaging done well. It looks really professional and looks like something "legit". Opening the packaging was alright, and I really appreciated the attention they took by adding bubblewrap to the front of the card to insulate it from harm. It was also firmly taped into place. The plastic it was affixed to had a good texture and really felt like it was a well-considered product. I eagerly await my first booting of this card!

    (some time passes)

    So I tried out standard DS ROMs, GBA, GB, and SNES. I chose Metroid Zero Mission as a test ROM, since it's known for being problematic to get reliable speeds out of. It ran okay... I'm still curious why GBA games don't run at full speed, considering all DSes have an ARM7 inside them... but for what it is, it gets the job done. NES and GB/C emulation is spot on, as expected. SNES emulation, honestly, is pretty impressive! Far better than what I tried on my old Acekard. The extra CPU makes it bearable. Framerates are still meh-ish, but considering the hardware, I'm honestly impressed and happy with it.

    I've still not messed around much with the special features like the game guides. I hope they allow you to read files in monospace font, as all guides I would use are in that type of font. If not, oh well. There are ways to cope. :)

    Overall, I really enjoy the DSTWO and feel that it was a worthy upgrade from the Acekard 2i, which regrettably stopped working with the final DSi update. I can run this on my DS Lite, DSi XL, and 3DS successfully with no issues. I would highly recommend getting a DSTWO and going through nds-card.com to order! Delivery was prompt (within a week) and the package was sent in a discrete, padded envelope. No complaints, and tons of kudos to the Supercard and nds-card teams!
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    You might be able to set the CPU/Clock speed somewhere in the settings of the gba emulator to enhance the speed.
    NES and GB/C emulators don't take advantage of the extra power of the DSTWO. Only some plugins do.
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