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Discussion in 'Android' started by drobb, Dec 18, 2010.

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    ok so my cousin just gave me a motorola backflip. i relize this isnt the best android phone but for free...
    first thing i did was wipe then got it updated to 2.1. im at a loss as to what i should do now as i dont have much of a clue when it comes to android phones.
    one thing i have found out is this is an att phone so it is locked from being able to install certain things. mainly anything that doesnt come off the shop.
    ive looked around and have found that there seems to be a way around this using the sdk, and abd. im having problems getting the sdk installed tho as it says i
    need jdk installed, problem is, i do. it just will not detect it. im running win 7 x64 and installed jdk 6u23 windows x64. any help? any other ways around?
    what else should i look into and do to this phone? what is rooting? how do i do it, can i? im a total noob when it comes to android phones. well phone
    modding/hacking all together really.

    thanks in advance to anyone who can and tries to help.
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    I can't speak from personal experience about rooting the backflip but I found this guide

    im currently looking for a way to sideload apps

    Edit: can you figure this out?