Just bought an SD Card, getting subpar speeds.

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    Aug 6, 2019
    I bought this card for the Nintendo Switch primarily, so I thought Id ask here first but if this isent the place, let me know.

    So I Bought this SD card on Amazon, 512gb. While it looks legit, feels legit, and tastes legit, I am still concerned as I am only getting read speeds of 19.90 MB/s, and write speeds of 9.489 MB/s.

    These are rated for around 100 MB/s.

    I am running a H2testw as I write this, but its really only going at a speed of roughly 15MBytes/s.

    I dont have a 3.0 usb reader so maybe thats the bottle neck? I tried running it on my Android phone but I cant seem to find an app that can test A2 cards. Does anyone have any insight? Id love to confirm it is a genuine card but its really only the speeds that concern me as of right now.

    EDIT: For anyone in my position who does not have time or money to go spend $30 on a USB 3.0/3.1 card reader just to test the already expensive cards, if you have an Android phone with Micro SD slot (Or Sd with the proper adapter) there is an app called AndroBench that can read A2 cards.

    Unfortunately Im still only getting 18MB/s read speeds so Im a bit disjointed and am considering the fact the card may be fraudulent.
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