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Jun 28, 2009

iTunes issues by Guild McCommunist at 10:23 PM (387 Views / 0 Likes) 0 replies

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    So, I'm downloading a bunch of CD's to iTunes. I hate the program, but it's the only thing compatible with my iPod. So, I import one CD (In Your Honor, Disc 1, Foo Fighters) and it works fine. I try the second disc and it says "Importing" but the bar doesn't move at all. I try the next CD (Monster by REM) and the same problem. Then I try another CD (Automatic For the People by REM) and still the same issue? Is it a problem with my CD drive (although it's detecting/reading my discs) or iTunes? Any help?

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    Fuck, nevermind. Now it suddenly starts working. Lock this post, sorry for the useless crap.

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