Issues with new TV/PS4

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    I recently upgraded my TV to something from this millenium, specifically a 43inch Toshiba 4K model. Nothing fancy, just enough to do the job. Sadly I seem to be having a technical issue with it and I'm not certain what the cause is. Perhaps you can enlighten me and suggest a solution?

    Basically the TV itself works fine with all its onboard apps. It also has no issues with my SNES Mini. Even if SNES games look like fried tripe on a 43inch screen. The problem comes with certain aspects of my PS4. With most games it's fine. Apex Legends, Assassin's Creed Oddysey, etc. But then with some games it insists on switching to something the TV calls 'enhanced mode' despite me repeatedly telling it not to do that. Effects range from a momentary drop in the visuals to there being no visuals at all, and it only comes back if I switch sources to something else then back to the PS4. With certain games it is far more common, notably the recent port of Ace Combat Squadron Leader that was included with AC7, which is a bit of a ball ache 'cause it happens to be one of my all time favourites.

    I have tried switching off anything that sounds like it would require an 'enhanced mode' such as the HDR functions, but to no avail. If I switch back to regular mode through the TV menu it fixes the issue, but it just switches back to enhanced mode again the moment my back is turned and there seems to be no way to disable the feature.

    If it makes any difference, I'm using a base model PS4, the 1tb HDD, and the HDMI cable that came with it. I did get it second hand but it never caused any problems like this with my old TV. Though admittedly the old TV was a 20inch barely 1080p model I got cheap from Argos. It basically has no features to break.

    The TV is a Hitachi 43 inch model 43T6863DB Smart TV, full 4K, HDR, etc.

    Any suggestions?