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Discussion in 'M3 Adapter' started by Pohangster, Feb 18, 2010.

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    To get it out of the way, here's my organization:

    I installed the version of Sakura linked on the first page of the big honking M3 Sakura troubleshooting guide. I run it exclusively in Touchpod since Sakura refuses to work for me. I'll start it up, and it'll say "scanning for duplicates and fragments. . . 0% of 68 files" and freeze like that.

    Then, there's the issue with Touchpod, where everytime I try to open the Media folder, the top screen turns bright pink and the bottom screen turns white, and it freezes like that.

    I tried installing DSOrganizer by making a directory called "DSO". None of the files ran when I clicked on them in under the "MYCARD" folder in Touchpod, and running the PDA button froze it.

    I don't know how to make homebrew work. D: I have some .lit e-books I'd like to be able to read on my huge plane ride tomorrow, so I have some questions

    1) What the Hell is wrong with my system?
    2) How do I install a .lit friendly e-book reader, and then where do I put the e-books?
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    Use the disable disk check trick for sakura in the m3 sakura FAQ.
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    DSorganizer doesn't work as a "PDA" button!
    the ??? folder should be in the root of your flash.
    the DSorganizer.nds file itself must be in the NDS folder.
    The PDA buttow works if you download & install this one:

    If you format your flash card (MicroSD) using this program:
    With options: Format Type - Full (Erase ON), Format size adjustment - OFF
    The problems with Sakura & Media should be solved!
    The point is: Sakura & Media function are based on one system - Moonshell (but the kernel versions are different) both systems won't work correctly if your flash card isn't formatted correctly or has corrupt sectors.

    UPD.: If you wish to run homebrew - put the *.nds files into NDS folder of your flash.
    If the homebrews have additional folders (as DSorganizer has it's DSO folder) - put these folders according instructions (usually it's the root of your flash, but it depends on the homebrew).

    I hope I'm not late with my answer and advise [​IMG]
    Have a nice flight!

    P.S.: Sorry, but I don't know, which e-book reader is .lit-friendly
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