Is Xbox One hackable? Any improvement hacking it?

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    I don't disagree.

    The problem at that point becomes the way Microsoft locked the system. From research a few others have noted to me, Microsoft uses virtual hard disk drives for each partition. They're encrypting these VHD's with one-way AES 2048 bit (I think. It's been a while since I looked into this as life got in the way and my health is deteriorating unfortunately.) Meaning, Microsoft has the key and nobody else. It'd take a very long time to brute force it and unless these keys get leaked, we have no way to obtain them. Work has been done (successfully, I might add) to dump these VHD's, however there's not much that can be gained from these dumps due to the way they've been encrypted.

    By my own research, the amount of data being sent back to Microsoft is scary. If the Xbox One were to be cracked open, they'd know it almost immediately. Your console ID and gamertag would be banned very shortly afterwords. I'd say in less than 4 hours.

    So, unsurprisingly, as I'm certain I'm not the only person to have noted how much data Microsoft receives from these consoles... Nobody has really looked too hard for an exploit. Fear of backlash (Microsoft really does want to protect their IP), fear of mass bans if an exploit is released, and the fact that developer mode exists have people going "Dev mode is good enough".

    And, to be quite honest, we don't necessarily need full system resources in dev mode for homebrew to run great in this sandbox. We need optimized code. And the nature of UWP doesn't allow that. And, to fully understand UWP for the Xbox, you need to apply for and be granted permission to receive the Xbox One XDK and all associated documentation. (It is a process and while it is free, before they even agree you must sign NDA's. Hell, if they approve of it and you ask, they'll even ship you out two [TWO!!] dev consoles.) I will add that these NDA's likely include a clause against developing for dev mode. This is, however, purely speculation on my part. But I would think they want you developing for their store.

    You can still learn UWP, however all the documentation will be for developing software on Windows 10 in a PC environment and not the Xbox. Also, that information is not easy to obtain and is very convoluted to understand. This is why there hasn't been many developers undertaking the task of creating homebrew for us. It just isn't very easy at all. (But we appreciate all who have!)

    Now, on to the real reason people want the Xbox One cracked: piracy. It is obtainable on the Xbox One. The nature of how UWP works means that an application written in UWP for any platform can run on a different platform with very minimal recoding. The problem here is that these "play anywhere" apps and games require authentication and that will require a network connection. So if you pirate a UWP game on your Windows 10 PC and then try and play that same game on your Xbox... Insta-ban. Can't authenticate? Can't play. So yes, it is possible. Easy? Nope.

    Developer mode is what we have. Frankly, we are lucky we have that.
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    Someone get in touch with them. They may have done a damn good job of locking it down but I don’t believe it isn’t unhackable. UWP doesn’t address the pirates in the room (yes you too in the back). Someone’s gotta ask. Emulation is cool but I think the real reason we want the console hacked is becuase of the good ole yar har
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    i hope so, but we got not answers my friend.
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    if making uwp emulators and apps are so complicated to do then how did absestos find out how to make a uwp version of retroarch? or hrydgard port his psp emulator or people trying to steal money over at xb1emu port pcsx and surreal 64 to the uwp format?

    im no programmer but alot of people say its impossible or hard because there's no documentation but i just think no one is willing to help since all people care about is pirating stuff

    its so weird how we finally have a system that can run hoembrew without getting banned or modding the console and now no one even cares to do anything with it

    if a mod did come to the xbox 1 ever would homebrew come then or just piracy? as dead as the "scene" already is for the xbox one i bet its only for piracy
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    would be nice to get a kernel hack to run full windows 10 on xbox one
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    With the Game Pass, EA Access and Xbox LIVE Games with Gold it kind of makes piracy irrelevant. Yes, these services cost money but you're getting tons of games to play.

    However, on the Switch? What a shitty service provided by Nintendo. I don't blame people wanting to hack it.
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