is this a media issue?

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    I recently installed a wiikey2+wiiclip and I am having some issues. Originals work but backups are detected but then I get an error reading the disc and then it tells me to eject and reboot.

    My original Okami works fine, but when I put an Okami backup in, it detects the game and lets me launch it but after the loading screen I get the error.

    House of the dead 2& 3 return original works fine, but when the backup launches, I can go through menus and change configurations but once I start the game it goes to the error message.

    I know about the media issues but does this sound like it could be that?

    NTSC (USA) Wii, I tried DVD-R (fujifilm) only because that's all I had on hand... I'll head to the store to pick up some +Rs if this seems like a symptom of a bad burn or something. thanks. I did try burning at both 4x and 8x though. Any help is appreciated.
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    Most people would suggest you pick up -R's instead of +R's. It's a media problem, get nicer media
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    It is a bad burn, check Da'list, and IF:

    You have a 1st class media, burn at the speed that the disc says (Eg. 16X)
    You have a 2nd class media, burn at half the speed (8X)
    You have a 3rd class media, go buy better media ye' cheap bastard..!!! :@

    using a writter that is only 3 years old or newer can make the difference on the burning, if you are using an older one, try searching for the latest firmware for your writter